At Amanda Findlay Eyecare Our Vision is Your Vision

Amanda Findlay Eyecare Practices are Accredited For and Specialise In...


  • We offer revolutionary 3D Optical Coherence Tomography screening which can instantly detect potentially serious conditions that can afffect your eyesight and your overall health.
  • Contact Lens Fitting & Supply. We specialise in toric, multifocal, gas permeable and daily contact lenses. As an Independent Practice we can source the best lenses for your eyes.
  • One of my major areas of interest is dry eye and blepharitis. I can offer advice, and treatment following a consultation.
  • Dyslexia overlay assesments. Coloured acetate overlays are frequently prescribed now for Meares-Irlen syndrome, but often in schools they are given out without any real assessment process, meaning they may not be as effective as they could be. We will do a thorough assessment of reading speed and accuracy in order to see if overlays are likely to help you, or your child.
  • Sometimes with reduced vision due to disease or ageing, spectacles are just not enough. Low vision aids are magnification devices that can enhance vision. They can be optical devices, or electronic - Some optical devices can be supplied free of charge following a consultation. Ask us about this, it is free and you do not need a referral from your GP.
Eye Tests at Amanda Findlay Opticians
Fields of Vision Machine
OCT Eye Testing Equipment

As Well As...

  • Eyecare for children of all ages- along with a great choice of frames. We often see babies and toddlers who may have eye examinations through the hospital eye service, but are then pointed in our direction for dispensing, we will go out of our way to source frames that fit well.
  • Eye Examinations for both NHS & Private patients. 
  • Prescription Sunglasses.
  • Sports eyewear, including ski masks and prescription swimming goggles.
  • We can supply a large range of eye drops, lid cleansing products, drops suitable for use with contact lenses, and contact lens cleaning products - if you are unsure what to buy, ask us for advice.

We can also supply products to clean your glasses, and replacement cases.

NHS Eye Examinations

If you fall into any of the following categories you may entitled to a Free NHS Eye Examination...

  • You are under the age of sixteen, or under nineteen as long as you are in full time education.
  • You are over sixty years of age.
  • You are registered blind or partially sighted.
  • You have diabetes or glaucoma or are at risk of developing glaucoma.
  • You are over forty and have immediate family relative with glaucoma.
  • You have a valid HC2 certificate.
  • You or your partner receive certain Government benefits - please check with my Team for further information.
  • If you have an complex NHS spectacle prescription.

Due to NHS regulations we may ask for proof of entitlement, and details of your last eye examination.