The Latest Diagnostic Equipment To Detect Any Problems with Adults' Eyes...

Our 'grown up' clientele has an extensive choice from exclusive brands such as Carolina Herrera, Nicole Farhi, Guess, Gant, Radley, Paul Costello, Fendi, Janet Reger and Joules. As well as quality lenses by Essilor, Hoya, Zeiss and Shamir.

It's great to be offered a wide choice of quality frames, but as we start to get older, problems can appear and having the right up-to-date diagnostic equipment is imperative so that changes can be detected early and therefore monitored and treated. This is why we place so much importance on having the right equipment as well as being able to spend as much time as we need to assess your situation and as much time as you need to understand it. 

We encourage all our patients to call us if there is a problem and we will go out of our way to help you and clarify any concerns you may have about your eyes or vision.